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Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

The protection and defense of your idea, innovation, invention or business process in the form of copyrights, patents and trade secrets is crucial to your success as an artist, business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. We offer a full spectrum of intellectual property services, including: -

  • IP Litigation

  • Patents

  • Licensing

  • Trademarks, Service Marks

  • Copyrights

We represent clients through trial and appeal in various IP disputes, including trademark breach or dilution, faked advertising, unfair competition, gray market disputes, deceptive trade activities, right of publicity and advertising litigation. As trial attorneys, we are prepared to litigate any dispute, but our first priority is our clients' business objectives.

IP Audits

We deal in the inspection and scrutiny of IP portfolios by preparing comprehensive reports. We focus on providing Intellectual Property audits and Intellectual Property valuation to our clients, both nationally and internationally, which includes the legal audit of their Intellectual Property positions.

Our Attorneys accurately inspect and scrutinize IP portfolios to ascertain that the IP assets of an enterprise are adequately and validly protected in different jurisdictions.

Our comprehensive assessment of the client’s Intellectual Property holdings  focuses on identifying all the Intellectual Property assets within the organization being audited, identifying any problems that exist with the Intellectual Property ownership, identifying any defects in title or enforceability of the organization’s Intellectual Property and identifying any unprotected Intellectual Property assets.

The valuation helps clients to increase their capital, obtain funding by hypothecation of their IP assets, determine the correct value of IP assets during Mergers & Acquisitions and Assign or License their IP assets.

 37 Years of Accumulated Practice

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The Law firm is founded by Mr. BN Garg Advocate having 38 years of corporate experience focusing on indirect taxation & company matters. He has been appointed as key attorney in various reputed national Corporates & a trusted advisor to the senior management with a proven track record.

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